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How do I check whether an item is a spice?

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EDIT: the function I was looking for is isSpice.






I found the function using this link: https://projectzomboid.com/modding/




I'm trying to modify the AutoCook mod to exclude spices.


Relevant section of code (I think). The last line in particular is where I would add the check to see if the item is a spice, but I don't know the function to call on the item object for checking its spice value.


function AutoCook:chooseItem(items,baseItem, recipe)
    if AutoCook.Verbose then print ("AutoCook:chooseItem "..baseItem:getName()) end
    if not items or items:size() == 0 then--if there is no more available items stop auto cook
        return nil

--take the one that will become rotten the fastest ?
--take the one that gives most nutrition ?
--take the one that gives most happiness ?
    local evoItem = nil
    local listItemsNotAlreadyUsed = {}
    local listItemsUsedOnce = {}
    for i=1,items:size() do
        local item = items:get(i-1);
        if instanceof(item, "Food") and not self.playerObj:isKnownPoison(item) and (recipe:isCookable() or not item:isbDangerousUncooked() or item:isCooked()) then--do we risk to apply also survivor / carpentry / .. recipes ?


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