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[USA | PvE | Heavily Modded] Ez-Pz Community


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Welcome to Ez-Pz Community


New community, new server, lots and lots of mods, like seriously LOTS (over 300)


This is a server for those who want a friendly community to join and get to know like minded people. We encourage role play but don't enforce it. 

As the server is heavily modded you can expect server reboots every 3 hours to update them, this is done automatically but we have server staff available to do this manually if needed as well.


You will need to join our Discord server to get whitelisted: https://discord.gg/YykUW7qWCQ

So come take a look and maybe you will enjoy our community :)


Server info:

Server IP -
Server Port - 16261
Server Slots - 32


Modded Maps:
Bedford Falls - Blackwood - Blueberry - East Bridge - Eds Auto Salvage - Eerie Country - Fort Benning - Fort Redstone - Fort Waterfront - Glenport - Grapeseed - Kingsmouth - Lake Ivy Township - lighthouse - LittleTownship - Muldraugh Military Base - New Ekron - NewDenver - Over the river - Pitstop - RavenCreek - Refordville - research base - Research base road - Riverside water base - Rosebery - Save Our Station - Silverton - StBernardshill - Trelai - Valley Station Town - west point expansion - Western Scrap Car Yard - Xonics Mega Mall


Installed Mods:
Lots and lots of mods to enhance the experience 🙂


Server Details:
-Due to 41.73 just coming out and the amount of mods installed the server auto reboots every 3 hours with a warning 10 minutes and then another warning 1 minute before, if for any reason the mods have updated within this window staff can manually reboot the server to update the mods.

-Fresh new map for 41.73 - 08/14/22

-3x Exp Points
-Default Days
-Default Starting Points
-Fire Spread Off
-HELLA Reading Speed
-Mini Map Enabled
-Nearly Full Safe House Protection
-Occasional zombie respawn, loot respawn every 336 hours
-Safe House Respawn
-Safe houses are enabled


Discord: https://discord.gg/YykUW7qWCQ

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/EzPz_Zomboid


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