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How hard would it be to add a p38 to the game?

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A p38 is a little slip of metal with a foldable barb you can use to open cans. It was issued by the military in 1942. You also can slap it on a key ring. Here's more details. I was wondering how difficult it would be for someone to add one of these to the game. If I were to be asked, I would have it weigh as much as a key and go in the key ring slot. But once you had one, you could open cans without having to carry around one of the contemporary can-openers. I happen to own one RL. It's handy, and it's worked as intended for 30 years.

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Have I got some good news for you ... 


I've used this mod for a while and had no issues with it.  You find the P38 attached to dog tags so you can wear it around your neck, but you can also remove it from the dog tags to stick in a pocket or pack.  


The mod also adds Swiss Army knives and (renamed) Leatherman tools -- definitely worth getting.  


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