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Hurlde over shop counters


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Hopping fences and climbing in windows is a thing but hurdling over a shop counter/bench/desk/table/bed is not.  


I can only imagine the chaos and exploits with climbing over furniture, but its something that needs to be implemented at some point.  Very specifically being able to climb over a shop counter is the issue that comes to mind although there are so many house layouts where the character cannot get to a bookcase or something in the corner of the room because its obstructed by knee high furniture.


I think this should be a possibility the same way that climbing in a window or hop a fence is, with a keystroke combination that indicates a choice to try to "Climb" in a given direction rather than being part of the automatic walking/running/stealthing movement.  It should also be noisy depending on what movement mode the player is currently in.  The animation could be a very quick and dirty hurdle similar to the fence jumping so it does not have to be specifically built for each possible obstacle sprite and direction.  There could also be the usual chance of dropping stuff, tripping or falling prone. 


Being able to outsmart a zombie in a room by taking a shortcut over the furniture seems like a thematically valid option. 

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