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[41.73][MP][Admin Tool][Edit Item Weight]

Destroyer 3492

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Can't seem to edit the weight of an item anymore.

Since you are still able to change the value, im not sure if this is intended or a bug?


Reproduction steps:

1 - Spawn a sledgehammer
2 - Right mouse click the item in your inventory and select "Edit Item"

3 - Change the weight from 6 to 4 and press Save
4 - Hover over the item, its weight is still 6 (all other values can be changed, the ones that can't are disabled from editing the textbox)







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This is still evident in version 41.78. A mod that modifies item weight, "Noir's Attachment" hasn't been working properly ever since on items that has a durability. May I ask if we can get a fix for this? I discovered this bug while using the mod, tried going through the script files and debugged the functions, and seem to notice that items with conditions' weight values aren't modified. I found out after that Admin Tool's edit item also doesn't work.

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