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Idea: Purifying tainted water by mixing it with tiny amounts of bleach.


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Sodium hypochlorite, the active ingredient in bleach, is a powerful anti-microbial agent and can be used for disinfecting unclean water in a pinch, it is safe to drink it in very small amounts when it is heavily diluted. The EPA officially recommends it's use for water purification in emergency situations. Source:




Reasons why this would be a cool addition to the game:


*It's realistic.

*It's a thing that survivalists and preppers in general learn how to do.

*Plays well with the upcoming fluid containers system.

*Gives more utility to bleach besides being something just for cleaning up bloodstains and killing yourself with.

*Gives players an additional method for obtaining clean water, thus adding more depth to the survival aspect of the game.

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3 hours ago, getstoopid said:

I think that would only make sense if the knowledge of this was bound to some survival skill. Normal people just don't know how much bleach would be safe to use (and hopefully don't try to find out by experiment)


I did saw a lot of PSAs about that on television as a kid during storm seasons, they would tell us to add one drop per liter. Also the new system for transferring fluids/liquids between containers will allow players to freely mix liquids even if their character doesn't exactly know what they are doing, so it would be realistic if a tiny dose of bleach inside a rainwater-barrel made the water inside become clean.

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IRL also nothing prevents you from adding (too much) bleach to your glass of water and drinking it except hopefully your common sense ;) Just because you can doesn't mean it is safe to do so - in fact pz-characters die from drinking bleach on accident *g

Though I find this "feature" somewhat dumb - it could at least ask if I really want to do this.

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