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Malformed packet type 24


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My players and I have been getting kicked from the server recently due to "Malformed packet type 24".

I'm self-hosting a dedicated server through a steamcmd download.
I recently updated the server by running "app_update 380870 validate" through steamcmd again. I believe we're on version 41.73.
Shortly before the kick the server dropped a few packets because it was too busy and around the same time a saved happened. Not sure if they're related.


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Thanks for the response by the way and yes that did fix it.

TL;DR: is there documentation anywhere that explains what each anticheat type number is checking for?

The type 24 above was on a vanilla server and we've since started a modded play through so I've not written up the following as bug reports but we've been getting kicked for type 21, 23 and I think 12 since going modded which is fine I just disable each one and now I've just gone and disabled all of them, it's a private server for trustworthy friends so I'm fine having all the anticheat turned off. It'd be nice to know what exactly I'm turning off though but I can understand if the anticheat stuff is obfuscated for a reason.

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