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"Hey, you friendly?", then it ends up like this:



They have a gun, they blow me to kingdom come.



Melee?, they say yes and as soon as i turn my back. I get a axe struck into my head.



Rarely, they're friendly.



Never play with randoms.

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I shall link a video when it's uploaded of the sheer stupidity and incompetence displayed by my mate. A little extract;

This is what happened in a nutshell.

-Me and my mate where taking supplies from a house only 2-3 streets from our safe houses, I then head home and leave him in the house thinking he can easily find his way back... He gets lost immediately. Going to paraphrase most of this...

-"Ok from where you are go south to our house and get some food then once you get there just rest around the house and heal up as well as don't strain yourself and tend to the gardens so we have plenty of food".

-I then continue telling him he should be here already and what's taking him so long. He tells me he is at an old building with graffiti and questions his sense of direction.

-I ask him which direction he went he tells me he forgets.

-rage intensifies.

-he wonders around dying of starvation, thirst, sickness and wounds on his body.

-he dies with all our farming stuff, a few weapons some good loot and loses all his skills.

-he try's to tell me where he is but can't give directions and accurate description of the layout of the land and I can't find him in time.

-he basically walked in a circle around our house and died within 100m of our house.

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My most recent one.


"Oh, cool, the doctor's office."


*Cue the sound of me opening a window, entering, then getting swarmed by three zeds in the room I climbed into*

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I got scratched and started to fall ill.

My friend: "Stand outside, I want to see you die."


Me: "Okay" *sadface


A while later.


Me: "I've been stood out in the rain in my pants for 2 days now....I'm freezing, in agony, soaked, fever, starving, and thirsty. Still on full health."


*After 3 days.


Me: "At last! I'm dying!" *falls down dead*



Turns out I hadn't been infected, I had gotten ill from being wet. I then sped up my demise by standing naked in october in the raid for 3 days. :mad:


Last thing my character heard as his life gently ebbed away.



"Shit, man. Now I've got a corpse on my lawn....."

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"We can total raid the Police Station, dude! I have, like, 10 shotgun shells!"

"Did you hear a window break?"

"I'm going to go trade with that guy at the Police Station with all the guns."

"Dude, check out this  shotgun!"

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