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Hello everyone,


To run your server you have several options, the list will grow up.


This options can be modified in Users/Zomboid/Server/ServerOptions.ini, the file is created after the first launch of the server, if we add new options your file won't be deleted, the new options will be put after the current ones.


After each changes, you'll need a reboot, the file is not accessible to the client, it's only created on the server.


Current list of options :

(Name of the option = default value // description).


  • PVP = true // Enable PVP.
  • PauseEmpty = true // Server continue to update even with no players on it (keep it enabled for farming for example).
  • GlobalChat = true // Enable the Global Chat (/all command in chat).
  • ServerWelcomeMessage = <RGB:1,0,0> Welcome to Project Zomboid MP test ! to chat locally press "t", to global chat press "y" or add "/all" before chatting <LINE> <RGB:1,1,1>  // Displayed message in the global chat when a client connect.
  • LogLocalChat = false // Log the local chat in the chat window (client side).
  • Open = true // Can you get in the game without a password
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Oh hell yeah, so happy with the local chat log. Now just to see it in action. Adding it to the server now.

Good job for the welcome message ! It's crucial !


But i have a question, what is the maximum length of this message ?


To add to this, When we are chatting and reach the max limit, the characters in the end of the line just keep getting overwritten with every keyboard press. Took me a while to get used to it. Maybe add a sound notation that you have hit the end of the max line keywords?

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I didn't write it already, but I was thinking about giving some basic rules, shouldn't be too long though


+1 for the loglocalchat option !


Is this update coming today ?


Even if it's multiplayer, we still have our rule : NO ETA :D



Yeah I know, in fact I thought you were working on a very little and quick update, but then I saw your post about the upcoming release :D

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