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Conal Conalshun, shign mi awp!



This is one of the few games i roleplay IN. I mostly do forum roleplays, but since this is the first time i'm doing a zombie apocalypse roleplay INSIDE A GAME. We'll see how it goes. So, sign me up. ^.^



Will post the steam account link SHOON.

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steam name: sixnew2

age: 25

loch: USA east coast

I am looking for a new friendly rp server to get started on.  my longest life is 4 months and running after fighting off illness twice that almost brought me to death.  I am now looking to expand into the MP world and trade & survive with others.

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Hey Guys!
my name is Jakub and I'm from Poland. I have been wondering for a 'friendly' server since I played WarZ. In this game one thing was horrible (not counting cheaters) - everyone always shoot to everyone because there were no reason not to do it. I love role-playing games, in the past I had played many RPG games like D&D and so on. I think that a server like this can give us a great immersion and what comes with it - a LOT of fun ^^

Steam name: Kretson (or Mieczysław Wieczysław Kutasowicz)
Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rozdzestwienski


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