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Mod Poster Template

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Hi to everyone!


While I was installing various mods, I see that the posters are very different each other.

For these reason I made a poster template with photoshop.




I make this thinking in old movie poster, books, and comic-books.


PZ LOGO: Make everything more official, and looks great!

MOD #0000: I think that the mods can be numbered. Like a collection.

Spiffo permission: Using the same advertisment than the mods. You know the status of the mod in the poster too.
IMAGE: A cool image or some edited screencaptures to show you mod.
TITLE: The name of you mod. Looks like a movie!

SUTITLE: Can be a great two lines, or maybe the mod version.

CREDITS: The names and credits of the modders

INDIE STONE LOGO: Make everthing more f****** official!!!!



This is the first version and I want some feedback about it's the template is a good idea, some suggestions and new ideas. When the template is finished, you can create you own posters for your mods or create posters for other modders.

I make some samples with poster mods to show how looks the template.














Thanks for read it. And sorry about my english, 'cause im spanish.





The RAR includes the PSD archive with the template, and all the logos and spiffo's pngs.



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