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Occurred to me recently that good old fashioned tripwires, as simple as they are, would be *extremely* useful in a PZ-type scenario.  I don't think zombies would have the sense to look for and avoid them.  They'd be very useful as a quick-and-dirty measure to protect an area or cover a retreat, and in many cases would be very easy to set up.  There are already several items in-game that could be used for this purpose (wire, twine, rope, sheet ropes, etc.).  Two stakes or tent pegs and a length of cord, and you'd be good to go.  


Balance could be maintained by (1) having a chance that zombies cross without falling, and (2) having a chance the tripwire breaks each time it does work.  


If they're modeled to be hard to see on-screen, they could have PvP applications, as well.  



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That's a good idea.  There is a mod that sort of does what you are suggesting, it's not a tripwire, but called  "Spear Pit".  Dig a grave, add 5 spears, when a zombie walks over it, it dies.  The problem with it is that it works that way on the player as well.  I can't remember if there was an option to turn off killing the player.


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