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Mod does not get applied to server? What's the difference between "Steam Workshop" and "Mods" settings?


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I am trying to setup a server via the in-game setup. The server is purely for testing purposes.

Where should I register the mods in the server's settings? In the Steam Workshop section or the Mods section? They seem to be doing the exact same thing?

I have added my mod to both the sections (and reset the world), but it does not seem to be working. In particular, the mod's  Sandbox settings do not get displayed. What can be the problem here?


In the past I was somehow able to add mods to my test server (adding them to "Mods" section), but it didn't work this time. I'm confused, can anyone help pls? I tried to look for the answer in various guides, but didn't find any helpful information.

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You have to copy mod files to the mods directory.

On Linux

Also you have to edit the server configuration file, default name servertest.ini, find the options Mods and Workshopitems

and find the id defined in every mod.info file 



(mod.info file ids)



(workshop id)


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