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¿ Loot not respawning in some areas ?

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I did tests, I put the respawn in 1 hour, I collected everything from two different areas, the Doe Valley armory and the one on the left of the entire map, in Doe Valley things respawn, even on my face, but in the other area no, and there are some other areas around the map that don't either, the server is virgin, it doesn't have any mod or extra configuration added. Is it a new problem in the game itself?

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Yes, in fact I created a server from scratch again, I only teleported to the locations and the loot does not reappear with the configuration correctly set without touching anything else.

For example in the first if it reappears. 

And here it does not appear again, I know there are more areas where it does not appear, but it is the example in case it can be verified.  :-(



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