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[41.73 unstable latest patch] [Multiplayer] [Clicking the mod list] and [Set Weight bug]

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41.73 latest unstable patch reporting 2 concerns

1. No mod list? Multiplayer
	• Hosted
	• I got mods but I cant see the mod list when I click on it from the pause menu 
	• Old save
	• Reproduction steps: 


2. Set Weight bugged?

  • Multiplayer
  • Hosted
  • Got mods and this is an old save
  • Reproduction Steps: 


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I tried to reproduce it on a save with no mods at all. This vanilla save was created on 41.71 and then converted to 41.73 unstable latest

The weight setting option still does not work

but the option to see the mods list works on this one. I can see the empty black silhouette of the mods list

Special note: These saves were only converted to 41.73 after that latest unstable patch dropped.

I fear that old modded saves wont be able to use certain options after they upgrade to 41.73



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