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[41.X] [Multiplayer] +0 Logs Issue - Number of items adding to container


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    • Version? 41x
    • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? Multiplayer (possible single player too, but not as relevant)
    • Host or dedicated? Both
    • Mods? None
    • Old or new save? Any
    • Reproduction steps:
         1. Start game.
         2. Add 5 items to a container. 
         3. Check logs expecting to see +5 in logs.
         4. Instead see +0 whenever adding to a container.

Why is this a concern?

 In a multiplayer server admins try to keep track of items going into and out of containers, such as donated food or supplies.   Whenever someone adds to a container it always shows +0 in the logs, so they might take out 50 of an item and put back 25, but we cant see the +25.   


In the attached image, the player removed RiceVinegar and put it back, then removed OilVegetable, and put it back.  But we only see +0 instead of +1 as expectd.

Note:  The "floor" works properly though, showing both + and - amounts. 


Thank you for looking into this.  If this were changed to show proper quantities the admins of the PZ servers out there will have alot easier job :)

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This needs to be changed. Logs are an amazing tool to have.But the way its made now feels incomplete. considering items dropped on the floor have an actual counter but containers dont. TIS please fix your logs :( It would make an Admins job so much easier and think its a much needed feature.

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