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Problems with spawning zombies in cleared buildings at 41.73 continue

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Just started a new game on 41.73 without mods.
Launched a sandbox at West Point.
In the east of the city, in a shopping district, in a hardware store with tools, she began to create a base. Of course, she killed all the zombies and took the corpses out into the street. Barricaded all the windows and doors.
I quit the game, came back, and I have zombies walking around my database!
There were also a lot of zombies in the neighboring hotel building, although I had already killed everyone there too.
The problem with spawn has not been solved!!! The fix didn't help.
I also remembered that almost everywhere on my database after loading the save, along with the appearance of zombies, the lights were turned off. Although at my base I left the light on before leaving the game.
I thought maybe this problem wouldn't happen again. Out of the game again, not on base. Booted up and again my base was full of zombies.

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Isn't there a problem with the zombie spawn at all ? I spent 1 hour in game killing more than 2000 cop zombie in the police station in louisville without getting to the end of it... On low zombie settings ! I ended up quitting the game because I was so fed up with that. Is that a normal thing?

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