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Using double stairs inside a player-made building causes the room above to count as "not fully enclosed"


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I built several "double-width" (i.e. two staircases right besides one another) inside my fort for aesthetic reasons and to make my building look more unique, but as you can see from the screenshot, the top rooms on these double stair case systems don't count as sealed from the outside even though they are otherwise fully sealed. I spent many hours breaking walls, floors, roofs and pillars and rebuilding rooms while looking at the IsoRegions window and can 100% confirm that this bug is being caused by double staircases.


PS: I tried to upload a screenshot showcasing the issue twice, but it failed for some reason. Here you can see it on Imgur:


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Can confirm, this is VERY annoying, particularly because so few people build that googling that this is the actual problem is extremely difficult, hard info to locate. In my case a double staircase leading from east to west, the 3 tiles directly over the southern most staircase are not considered inside. On the floor the stairs lead to (second floor in my case), building 3 walls to separate the area above the stairs fixes the issue, but it is ugly from upstairs. I spent hours breaking things. 

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