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JAG GAMING [NA][24/7][PvE][Hydrocraft][Wiping 7/29/2022]


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JAG GAMING [NA][24/7][PvE][Hydrocraft][Wiping 7/29/2022]


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/9aqPPtRjuH


JAG (Just A Game) is setting up a new PZ server that will be wiped on 7/29/2022. Come by our discord to help us hash out the last mods and settings. As of right now these are the setting we have for sure

  • 3x XP

  • 5 free trait point

  • Truly safe safehouses: no looting or trespassing

  • Spawn at safehouse

  • 12 IRL hour days (6 Day, 6 Night) (might be willing to adjust the day and night part a bit)


The rest of the setting are still TBD


  • A lot of map mods

  • Britas weapons and armor

  • Hydrocraft

  • Filibuster used cars

  • Autotsar trailers and Vehicles 

  • Inventory management mods

  • Zupercarts 

  • 1 of the trait mods (which one is TBD)

  • Crossbow mod

  • Noir’s attachments and slings

  • Vehicle repair overhaul


With many more still to be checked out and chosen with community input.


So if you are looking for a fun community driven server with fair and active admins join our discord and lets finish figuring out the setting

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