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Space Station 13 mod


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There's this game called Space Station 13 which is essentially a group survival simulation with jobs, and the potential spawn of a traitor with his own objectives.

Zomboid is also a game with a lot of simulation mechanics, a good chunk of jobs and tasks have already been coded into the game, it wouldn't take much to jump from Zomboid to SS13 with a mod. It doesn't have to be in space, of course; it should be a survival colony building with plenty of rooms where many players will try to survive collectively to some sort of objective.


A map can easily be made, with forum tutorials, the big problem would be the lobby and assignment of jobs and other UI things. I'm not sure how this could be modded. Players should spawn as invisible noclip ghosts that can't interact with anything, some UI or text prompt to select jobs should show up, and the server has to grant them the traits, telerpot them, and make them non-ghosts.


I have no idea how to do these things, although it can be done through steps, merely being able to have this type of job selection in a colony building is already a nearly completed prototype, all else can be done by adding events and other mods that already are on the workshop or tailoring the map.

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