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(UPDATING) Extended Foods Mod (BETA) v1.0.1

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(UPDATING to build 41)



(Hard at work on this mod, will update this thread every so often)



.....The purpose of this mod is not only to extend the amount of craftable foods in game, but also effects player's stats. Some foods will affect the player's happiness while another may reduce boredom. All in all, cooking and eating will now be a much bigger part of survival.



Upcoming Additions


.....Meals: These are a set of items/recipes that will add items/recipes that combine different complete foods.

..... • For example, "Ham & Eggs + Pancakes/Biscuits/FrenchToast = Meal Benny's Breakfast"  which will drastically reduce hunger, boredom, fatigue, etc, and gain happiness.

..... • Also, "Meal Benny's Breakfast + (some sort of drink) = Meal Benny's Breakfast+" and grants all the bonuses to hunger, boredom, fatigue, etc, and includes great reduction in thirst. "Meal+" recipes remain fresh longer and and take longer to spoil, so consuming resources early may be worth it.


.....MealBowls/PackedMeals/Rations: Going far from home to explore distant parts of town? Need a meal or two to keep your stats in the green? Well now you can carry your home cooked meals with reduced weights! These food items take longer to spoil as long as they remain packed/bagged.




No Download Link At The Moment
I will make an upload once I have a fair amount of content and stabilized version.


Please give me any feedback or suggestions you can as it may help further improve this mod!

And thank you for your support of this mod!




Svarog - for help with item data and lua data







1.0.2 - 10/13/21


..... • Mod is being fully revamped and expanded!

..... • Categories of foods now have their own dedicated item/distribution files.

..... • Added a PATCHES file to make changes to vanilla  items/distributions.

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rebuilding the mod from the ground up, reorganizing code, cutting out lines of code that arent needed for certain items, building a catalog, etc.


Also, expect a download link with in a week :3 still have a ton of things to add but will update the mod often :3

@ kinyoshi - I dont mind that at all, but my questions i will anything in my mod have to change? will i have to create a seperate mod set so it is compatible with your mod?

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@ Cl0nec0mmand0 - that can work :3




Currently adding in Tomato Sauce, thanks for these requests :3

since i still dont know how to distribute items in the lua's, i cant add in things like hamburger... >.>''

@ ZoolooS - School(full time) + 2 games i'm working on + 3 mangas + 2 writing projects (technically 3 but i've decided to drop one of them) + 3 game albums (all writen and composed by me) + music commissions (my business) = i have no life XP so things will take time for me to complete. this mod is one of the latest i've undertaken, so since other projects are nearing completion i put most of my time into those.

links soon... i mean it this time >.>''

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OK so school has ended for me and i wont be taking a class this semester... So i can put lots of time back into this mod! The sprites however will be on hold for a bit while i figure out the new format for my code. I really should organize this mod better... >.>''

@ daorkboypl - We'll see :3


@ DoctahWong - Wup, even got some new programs to work with since photoshop was proving annoying for pixel art.

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• Added about 20 foods and 14 recipes, though all may not be included in upcoming release of this mod just yet.

• Created a handful of sprites (are in a texture folder but dont know where to put them to make them work D: ).

• Fatigue, StressChange, and Temperature is now scripted in most EFM items.

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this mod is not dead.... i've spent a lot of time working on my own game and a tutorital series for youtube, though i have added even more recipies as well well as crafting items to help preserve food slightly longer, though the code is still being made for build 26... when i get around to figuring it, i'll update to build 27.

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This sounds awesome.  Nice work and I hope for our sake you stay interested :D


One thing I've come across, and probably most other people, too, is that the original meal crafting systems (stir fry, pie etc) often won't accept many ingredients.  Is this something you look at with this mod as well as all your cool new stuff?  For example, I found a whole bunch of berries.  Can't make em into a pie.  That's odd, I think :)

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I've made a quick splash for the mod page, also completed some sprites for pizza(cheese slice and whole boxed), BLT sandwhich, strawberry and berry icream bowls, biscuits sprite is giving me trouble though.

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