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[Request] Kill zombies to improve existing traits or randomly acquire new traits

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Killing a certain number of zombies can improve the attributes of existing traits, or randomly acquire new traits. You can also make high-level zombies drop small pieces of brain tissue, which will produce the above effects after eating. Trait ranges can be obtained from the game itself or from mods.

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Some time ago I developed a mod that allows you to change your traits ingame. It's not totally what you have asked, but a little similar: you need to kill zombies, you need to collect samples from them and then refine those samples int useful serums.

You may want to try it out.


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That's an interesting idea. Kind of like the witcher with the mutagens from monsters.  And a bit from "Warm bodies(movie)" - taking on the memories of the dead when you eat their brain.  Could be fun to play with the idea of "how much" until you become a monster yourself.



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