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Modding issue

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I am trying to make a mod that makes you vomit on throwup I have an idea of everything, but my problem is with checking if the player has ate a food item that is (Rotten) or (Uncooked)

Is there a method that allows me to check that under a boolean? Am I using the constructor wrong? here is my novice code: 

for playerIndex = 0, getNumActivePlayers() - 1 do
        local player = getSpecificPlayer(playerIndex)
        local food = Eat("Peach (Rotten)")
        if food then
            player:Say("I'm gonna be sick")

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You might be able to do something using the OnEat value, this is how the game handles cigarettes, berries and mushrooms.

See OnEat_Cigarettes and OnEat_WildFoodGeneric in /media/lua/server/recipecode.lua


For exampe, create your own function, set it as the OnEat value of every food item - it will then get called when the item is eaten.  Something like:

if food:isRotten() then

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