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Players became laggy after server restart



Some of the players in my server complain that the connection became laggy or frequently lost connection or not able to join server at all after I restart server to update the mods. Like 40 ping before restart and 200+ ingame ping after it. When they ping the server IP with Windows CMD, the ping is still only around 40.


Any idea why this happening or anyone has same problem as I do?

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6 hours ago, Beard said:

I assume the server is loading in the whole map and zombies? Check the server statistics from the Admin menu to see the resource usage.

I'm guessing so, but this only happens randomly on some of the players with certain network providers, and the even more confusing thing is that when they trying to ping server IP with Steam server browser or Windows CMD there was no high ping or package loss at all.


Im trying to keep the server running for several days without restart to see if it;s getting any better

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