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[41.71] [Singleplayer] Long term performance issues.


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  • Version 41.71 (save originates from 41.70).
  • Singleplayer.
  • No mods.
  • Sadly no easy and quick way of reproducing this I'm afraid.


During my current and longest run so far I've encountered some performance issues. I've started in Riverside and made my base there. After around 5-6 months I've started experiencing framerate drops while going through the town, the problem was getting worse as time went on. Some time later the framerate was unbearable so I travelled across different towns spending a few months out of Riverside. My run ended with death in Louisville after over 1 year into the apocalypse. I've decided to make a new character and hop in debug mode to see if the issue in Riverside still persisted, and sure enough it did. In the middle of the town I get framerates below 20 fps (around 10 fps during thunderstorms), for reference I normally have between 60 and 144 fps depending on where I am and the weather (worst case it drops to around 40-45 when driving at high speed, fully zoomed out during thunderstorm).


My guess is that the performance is heavily impacted by the dried up blood on the streets which never seem to disappear and ash piles left after burning zombies, which also never disappear. If my assumption is correct, the easy fix for that would be having blood and ash disappear over time or during rain. Below is a quick video of me going around the "lag zone" in debug mode with fps counter in the top left. As you can imagine driving a car through this is a nightmare.



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I just saw your post, I had the exact same thing. after having killed more than 3000 zombies in a cell, the black bloodstains which remained on the ground made the fps cut very strongly when approaching this cell. The only solution I found was to lower the blood decals to 20% in the options.

Game options -> Display -> Rendering and Performance -> Blood Decals = 20%
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