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How i can edit default map?


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On 6/30/2022 at 11:13 AM, Ciber Ninja said:

You cannot. You can only overwrite 300x300 tile chunks.


Can't you copy the map from the base game files and overwrite the whole cell with an identical replica except for the part you wanted to modify? Also, does anyone know where the map files are located inside the game folder? I have tried very hard to find them, but could not. Google searches on the subject are being of no help either. Someone please help. :(

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you can use cartozed to get the base layers needed to outline where the roads and grass is, its not much but it will at least help with getting you in the right place.


you cant use it on the default map folder because its not updated for the expanded zone so you need to copy the lot tiles to another folder first.

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