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Hidden items in Books

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I think reading books should have a chance of finding hidden small items.


Think keys, maps, money, letters, maybe a handgun compartment/other interesting items like jewelry.


would add a little extra interest for the player when they read!

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I've heard tell of, then ultimately made a few floating book bookshelfs with hidden compartments. I'd upload pictures, but they were gifts outside of the range of my camera.


Basically, attach a thick hard cover book to some L shaped brackets; the horizontal bit on the inside of the back few pages of the book, running away from it's spine, with the vertical bit running upwards towards the book's cover. Part way through the book, cut out the insides of the pages in the last two thirds of the book, leaving the edges untouched, so the book looks normal, but has a secret compartment. 


Then mount it on a wall with the book's spine facing away from it, and the cover towards the ceiling, where you can freely stack books on top. This makes it look like the books are floating. Book looters will give the bottom book a tug, and will presumably ditch it if you mounted it right, and hopefully don't try to open the book while it is still attached to the wall.


Not exactly the most relevant response PZ wise, but this thread reminded me that I made some of those once, and they were pretty darn cool. Cutting out the compartment can be annoying, time consuming, and if your using a dull blade, you run the risk of tearing toward the edge of the pages, which could spoil the illusion.


And the book should be thick enough to hide the vertical part of the bracket.


It should also be a boring, useless title that no one wants to take or paruse through. Secret compartments aren't much good if discovered, or moved somewhere unknown to the OG owner.


Getting back to the topic, I like the idea. PZ could use more hidden loot. There are already hidden floor stashes, and some folk have been requesting the ability to find items buried underground, or make some of these hidden stashes yourself.


I'm always down for unique loot options.


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