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[REQUEST] QoL - Right Click + Add Unopened Canned Foods To Food Preparation

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I'm dying for a mod that will just let me walk up to my canned foods, right click the cooking pot, and add them with no hassle like every other non-canned ingredient in the game.


Currently, cooking with canned foods is:

1. Open the laggy crafting window

2. Search for prepare stew, soup, etc.

3. Scroll down, see what cans of food can actually be added to the stew/soup I'm trying to prepare.

4. Cross-reference the list of 'compatible' cans with what I have.

5. Open can.

6. Add to recipe.


The whole process is exhausting. I'm surprised nobody's done this yet. I've actually considered opening and refrigerating cans of food just so I can use them like normal ingredients. Admittedly, a large part of the issue is my inability to memorize which cans can work in which recipes. But I don't think it's too much to expect closed cans to behave like normal ingredients, and I'm sure TIS will make it a thing in the upcoming crafting update. Hopefully.



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