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[41.71] [Map] Window of the grocery store in westpoint (11990x6919x1) leads to first floor, NOT outside.

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	• Singleplayer
	• No ModsCurrent Save
	• Reproduction steps:
	• Reproduction steps:
         1. Go to Grocery Store in West Point.
         2. Got to either window at 11990x6919x1
         3. Climb through, and you will wind up inside the building instead of outside it due to that ceiling not fully existing.




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This was solved for a period of time when roof tiles existed for a brief time, now just like before that brief period you fall through the roof and end up in the house again. Devs probablly made ghost roof tiles again so you could fall from hights and die over and over... I mean BALANCED the game so you don't have any chance of surviving.

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