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HELP NEEDED: "unknown colors found"


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Hey y'all! I decided to try to make a small map for the first time using the project zomboid map editor. I watched a tutorial and have all my files set up properly (I used paint.net to make a png file, a _veg.png file, and a _zombiespawnmap.bmp file) however, it seems to have blended the colors when I saved it so the map won't render properly as it cant read the RGB colors even though when I painted the map I triple checked that I used the correct corresponding RGB codes. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong/how to fix this? Thanks!3.jpg.19c7df7783ec6047294406d5f0e66dae.jpg.a892251b35700a6009e23ab368b408b4.jpg


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Before I run any bitmap image through PZWorldEd, I convert the colour mode of the file to Indexed in Photoshop. I created a palette that only has the legal colours so when the image is converted to Indexed Colour Mode, any stray colours are converted to one of the legal colours. It's a quick, easy way to know for sure you don't have any colours that aren't supposed to be there.

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