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How to Create Interstate Overpass/Underpass? Is This Possible?


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Hello, everyone.


I've noticed that maps don't seem to feature overpasses/underpasses and/or interstates with on/off ramps that a car can drive on. If I've managed to miss a map with this feature, please link me so that I can study it. What I want to do is recreate my hometown in a Zomboid map, and unfortunately the town is divided by an interstate. Is a 'road bridge' over a city street beyond what Zomboid is capable of at this time? 


If so, I can probably convert it to some sort of 'highway' style with intersections, stoplights, and all that good stuff.


Thank you.

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On 6/6/2022 at 10:35 AM, Ciber Ninja said:

You can't make any sort of good ramp. Maybe with a bunch of custom tiles & some sort of teleport mod?
I suggest building rural Michigan style highways.


Dang. I had a feeling deep in my gut that it wasn't possible. Highway-style it is then!


Thank you!

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