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Automated Loot System

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Hello guys.

I'm wondering about the DATA column in players.db. Why?


I'm starting a new server and want to manipulate every character information, like traits, inventory and almost everything. I want to create automated systems of 'perks' and loot delivery, through donations, to maintain the server online.


The best way to do this seems to be working with the DATA column, which i can made triggers to deliver the 'bought' item right to the donater. Actually, manipulating these characters individually let me create a lot of bots and integrations.


Waiting for your help guys, thanks!


Marcos Agnoletto.

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Thats pretty basic in 7 days to die, Empyrion for example. The paying members and donators get some quality of life features.

Maybe ask the IRS or your local tax authority how to correct do this with big communities. :)


As i can see its not allowed by the guidelines but the other side is many small and mdium comunities finance their servers with this.

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Definitely against the terms and conditions, like pretty much anything where someone who pays has an advantage over someone who doesn't.

A better approach is something where you do unlock tiers, e.g. cover 75% of the monthly server cost and everybody gets X. Cover 100% and everybody gets Y, etc.

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