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Full list of current Room Definitions

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wsensor - you already can:

On ‎07‎/‎02‎/‎2014 at 2:45 PM, RingoD123 said:

Okey Dokey,so after chatting to Mash and RJ I have it sorted.


The "All" definition is used whenever the game comes across any container that is either not in a defined room or in an unrecognised defined room.

If the container is within a defined room then it only draws it loot from that defined version (bedroom>desk for example).


So, rooms defined as (internal name) office, classroom and school cafeteria etc that have any kind of container in will only be getting their loot from the "all" definition until specific definitions are added into the suburbsdistribution.lua file for them.


What does this mean? Well, this means you can actually make a new room definition (e.g. internal name of "classroom") for a room, all we need to do is add this new definition to the suburbsdistribution.lua and define its loot (like the pre-existing room defs have). So if you are making a new building which has a room that doesn't fit the current room defs, don't fret, simply name the room(s) accordingly (classroom,cafeteria, office etc) and keep a list of them all. You can then add these yourself as described above, but it would also be a good idea to pass the list on to me (or RJ) so they can be added into the base game, and therefore not just work with loot for your mod, but also for NPC's (later on).


So, anyone that's making new buildings or converting old buildings, where they have created new room defs, should supply a simple .txt file with a list of the new roomdef names they want/have created in the suburbsdistribution.lua, and if you could also keep track of what building they are in ("classroom" in the building Lot_School.tbx). This will make it a lot easier to add them to the base game, or slightly edit the name you have chosen if needs be (incase 2 people made schools and used slightly diff names for the classroom).


Hope this all makes sense, holla if you have any more questons/problems



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I made an account on here specifically to say a big thanks to both Ringo for the original post, and Japer for that nice big list of item rolls. Saved me a lot of time testing every room for potential loot. I wanted to make a spreadsheet for the rooms and item rolls and this thread has almost everything I need to do so.

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