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Trying to get a function of Better Towing "flip vehicle" feature as a separate, standalone mod.

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I would like to get Better Towing's flip vehicle feature as a separate mod. Currently you have to be in debug mode to forcefully flip vehicles back to their normal state. And Better Towing has been largely unmaintained for quite some time now.


If anyone has guides or suggestions for me to learn please let me know, I want to make the mod if no one is willing to do it or collaborate with someone. 


Or at least point me in the direction of how to add additional right click context menus to execute a function (which I'm currently studying Better Towing's code as a beginner modder). I understand Lua and how to the whole mod file structure works, so there's that. I just want to figure out how to get the part that enables car flipping.


Thank you very much in advance to anyone who might help! :D

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