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Project Zomboid Hardcore+

First of all i want to ask sorry for my English. This text possibly contains many mistakes. If you found some - please, write me in PM.
Project Zomboid Hardcore+ it's a global mod about hardcore.
The main goal of this modification - provide as many abilities as possible and make them easy to configure.
I release it much earlier as i planned to, because i wanna get feedback - is that actually interesting for someone?
And.. sorry.. No dragons yet  :oops:
How it works?
This mod have both  Java and Lua parts. Original PZ code don't damaged and constains only one line of my code.
So, why i need Java? Right now - for nothing. But in future i have some crazy ideas that cannot be realized without Java.
Features (aka "Modules")
Not much yet: as i say before it's only "testing" release i just want to know - is that interesting for players?
So, now mod constains only 1 feature:
--> Combat

1. "Weapons Fall Out"

When you fight with Blunt weapon it can fall out from the your hands. If you have high Panic or Pain levels chanсes to lose your weapon increase. Passive chance and maximum chance can be edited in configuration.

Any "module" or "feature" can be fully custumize thought PZHP configuration file which located in C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/hardcoreplus/cfg/settings.ini
Default config file can be found here:
Copy anything from "to ProjectZomboid" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\ (or where your steam is live?)
Copy anything from "to Mods" folder to C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/
How to delete mod

You can just disable mod through "Mods" menu, but if you want fully disable Java part:

Variant #1: delete located in C:/Users/%Your_User_Name%/Zomboid/mods/
Variant #2: download original PZ Java classes ->  and copy to C :\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\

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This seems really neat!


Ooh! Maybe even make the chance to drop weapons higher with the clumsy trait?

Thanks for your answer and for idea!
The support of Clumsy trait will added.
If you have more ideas - feel free to suggest. I love ideas :)

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You should look into making certain foods noisy to eat, such as chips for example, just little things to attract more attention to your whereabouts, such as perhaps a sound for opening canned food also.


This mod is interesting and i'll be following it. Would contribute too perhaps.

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FINALLY! I've been hoping to see something like this for some time. When I bash through a group of ten or more zombies it seems silly that I haven't been phased in anyway besides panic levels. Now with this I can enjoy some gameplay that can literally screw me over in a fight. Great job, you get some animated emoticons! WvIAuQK.gif ncYu5NB.gif

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Thing is, I imagine it's gonna be a total pain in the ass to right click on the weapon and pick it up again. Look at logs for instance - they are really hard and sometimes next to impossible to pick up, the context menu oftentimes doesn't even detect them D:


So my additional thoughts are, while this mod sounds great on paper, I hope the game will play nice with it in a way that you can pick up your weapon again if you click over it, without the game screwing you over by not showing the "pick up" option for whatever harebrained reason xD

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It is true, but I think perhaps that is more on the engine side of things than on the lua/modding side of things. Could be wrong though.

I'll try to fix it.

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