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Ricks MLC

Twitch stream claims the audio is copyright, and I can't show it

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Twitch has blocked recordings of me playing Project Zomboid due to the police siren audio being copyrighted.  Can anyone confirm that the sound effects in Project Zomboid are not under separate licence from the Indie Stone notice, or are they separate, and therefore not able to be used in video?  Twitch claims the following are not able to be used:

  • Emergency Vehicle - Police Car 2 Dr. Sound Effects
  • Dangerous City (Original Mix) SoundFausto

  • Sound of da Police Stackwell

  • 185 - und der Mann ohne Augen (Teil 1) Die drei ???


If these cannot be used, then I would I have to stream without audio, which would be a tad annoying, but it would be nice to know.



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This is a regularly occurring issue on Twitch, not just with PZ but other games too. Sometimes it's copyright trolls who provide sounds that would regularly occur anywhere on Youtube, or Twitch (often in games), gaming automated content matching systems that would pick sounds that are "close enough" as matches.  
E.g. in Twitch's case, its automated content matching system Audible Magic is supposed to catch music, and in the example of the siren, someone uploaded a siren sound to Spotify so it'd get "matched".


There is not really anything we can do about it, as we have all the required licenses for the sounds in questions.

Content creators would have to push back in instances like this, citing TIS as having the relevant licenses and remove the mute or any sort of copyright infringement "count" that might come with it. 
Twitch has a form you can use to appeal muted audio:


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Thank you very much for your prompt response.  I figured it would be like that, so I have lodged the appeals as you have suggested.  I have also now included the text which is recommended on your terms-conditions webpage in the description of the videos to make it clear the videos are produced under the correct terms.



"Thanks to The Indie Stone for creating Project Zomboid [http://projectzomboid.com/)](http://projectzomboid.com/)), which made this possible. This is an unofficial fan production for non-commercial purposes made under the Indie Stone Terms.  [https://projectzomboid.com/blog/support/terms-conditions/](https://projectzomboid.com/blog/support/terms-conditions/) "


Thanks again for your great support, and for making such a great game with a positive attitude to your players :)

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