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41.71 Released

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(Question re: possible zed spawning changes in 41.71)


I don't see anything in 41.71 patch notes other than "Updated distributions Lua files" which I'm not sure is applicable to my question...


I base in a rural area (farmhouse halfway between "House on the lake" (Ben's Cabin) and Pony Roam-O).  In 1k hours multiplayer on both a server in the first few game-months and one four-years(+), I've *never* had zeds spawn in my corn-fields and 'grassy' fields.  As-of 41.71 I'm getting an absolute ton of them suddenly, both servers.  Have zed-spawning chunks/regions been changed/updated?


Keep up the magic!  Cheers.  :)





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Posted (edited)
On 5/28/2022 at 5:53 PM, SweatyMoneySLC said:


With such a stupid response, I wouldn't be surprised that you aren't great managing servers. 

I'm not hosting a server for my couple friends, I'm hosting a server for dozens of people. 
I don't just let the server auto-update blindly and expect it to miraculously work. 
The updates happen on a schedule, I warn my community of: Beware, in X nr of days, server will be down for maintenance and update.

And about the "auto restart" daily, I restart the server weekly and is more then stable because its not running on my toaster, is running on an enterprise server with 48GB of Ram.

If you have no clue on what you are talking about, you have a good thing to do: Stay quiet. 

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Posted (edited)

It seems the "remove vehicle" command from the DEBUG menu is no longer working in online Hosted games.  I've tried under several different conditions and it doesn't work at all for me.

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