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Charlotte, KY [WIP] Based off of Charlotte, NC

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~~ Charlotte, KY ~~


A scaled down version of Charlotte, North Carolina, built on the base map. The target size is 8x8 cells. The map will focus primarily on South Charlotte and the areas in the highlighted map below. So far, tons of progress has been made on the Montford/Myers Park area and about a quarter of South Boulevard is complete. 


I could use tons of help on making buildings. If you think you could contribute, want to try an alpha version or just want to follow along for updates join this discord: https://discord.gg/WVyB33PVpb




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ignore watermark - progress has been nonexistent for last week or two and will continue to be for another week or two, irl stuff. not all of the areas in this vid were shown and not all of the areas are fully detailed

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