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Hi everyone,
When watching the trailer, it seems that the generator keeps player warm indoor during winter, but i was remember this today and tried to connect the generator to a house, but surprisingly it seems to not heating up the indoors, isn't this feature implemented yet ? or am i missing something ? (tophat)

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All indoor locations are an ambient 22C(whatever in farenheit) while the power is on, but I've never noticed if a generator that is running has the same effect or not. 


I would assume all rooms within range of the generator would also be 22C, but I never tried to verify this in game.



I can tell you that an open pit fire next to your bed is a bad idea when it comes to keeping warm overnight.


That fire lit my character on fire twice, and somehow he survived. Until I came across my first Z. Burned legs really slow you down, I tells you what.

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