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Its both a gamehelp q and ideas to fix the game!

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Im coming back to the game regular after a longer brake from it but its the same problem. In general its hard to find  a reason to go back out and looting (to dangeruss when just walk random to find somthing but dont know what you need) and only stay home and build on a base have it limitations. 


So how to ad reasons to go out lootong and to travle to plases?


And ad so we can play whit more then just 1 caracter at the time on a map (in singel play) so you can form a fammely/ groope and specialase them on the skills, now when we play we are som kinda renesans person that have to be an expert on everything. And evem more imoprtant when you have not played the game for some time and youre combat skills is abotrusty. And spec in combo that the game is not always respont corect in combat to. 

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I use a bit of RP where I can to add some flavor to the game. I try to have each character I create to have some goal, or quirk that I add in myself. It's all in your head.


One character I made had a car fetish, so I set up a small base near some parking lot (the fenced lot in Riverside, I  this case), and made a self imposed rule to drag back a car from every make, in every color I can find. Then, at some point, he managed to die(go figure, he?).


Next character on that world save was a gamer nerd. (I did use a mod that ads 'payable' PC games). Had him set up in a warehouse, scoured the world for computers and games, then set up a lan party gaming cave, with the hope that life'll return to normal someday, and him and his buddies can get back to nerding it up on the regular. He was asthmatic, got tuckered out, cornered and eaten.


 The next character? Eddie "The Bum" Leger, a homeless dude who existed in my hometown growing up. He'd get himself onto "trouble" with the law during the winters, who let him stay at the local jail, out of the storm (true story). I got the zuper cart mod, and imposed a no car rule. So every loot run he was on, it was just him, a backpack and his trusty shopping cart. He liked booze, and out of an old habit from the life he once lived, I make him pickup any bottles and cans he comes across. A bit of a hermit, I built no bases, and had him move from place to place, drinking every drop of booze he came across, the moment he found it.


Don't remember how he died... but the next character was a mechanic who stumbled upon a car lot, the same from the first character, and decided to build an auto body shop, collecting all the car parts he could. I also had him keep a journal that he wrote in everyday.


Next guy collected mannequins, dressed them in various outfits. First responders, fast food servers, boxers, soldiers, etc.


One character lived almost exclusively in the wilderness, only going into towns to gather things they couldn't find or make in the wild.


Another character is one of my ex girlfriends who I created only to run into the first horde I saw. Vengeful? Perhaps a little.


I know none of this is built into the game, at least in its current state, but this is how I keep things fresh.


And who knows, maybe 1.0 will swing in sooner, rather than later.


Or more realistically, whenever they finish it.

NPCs will hopefully add something more tangible,  but that happens in its own due course.

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If you refer to the way they handled it in State of Decay, I have my doubts.


You can swap between two characters in single player, but unless you're playing split screen, only one character exists at a time.(under load game, select more options, and you can make a second character).


I'm sure someone in the modding community will rig this up once NPCs drop, assuming there is a demand for it.

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