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Clicking "Wear" on "Bandana (face)" item makes character wear it on head instead of face.

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16 minutes ago, EnigmaGrey said:

iirc, if you actually spawned a bandana {face} obj instead of a bandana that it will only work on the specified body part.  But will double check.

I think I didn't make myself clear. Let me try again:

  1. I kill a zombie wearing bandana on his face. The item is named "Bandana (Face)". I am not using debug mode and I have not spawned anything.
  2. I wear it by clicking "Wear".
  3. It goes on my head, becoming "Bandana (Head)".
  4. I have to manualy right-click it and choose "Put on face" option. Then it goes on my mouth, where it should be.
  5. If I unequip it and "Wear" it again, the process repeats.

Hope it's clearer now.

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