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Icelandic Translation: A Plea

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Hello! I write to you today as an accomplished man. For you see it is today that I completed "Icelandic Online's" "beginners" course for learning Icelandic just a few days before my return trip to Iceland. 
I enjoy playing PZ and thought it would be a great way for me to practice simple phrases and learn new vocabulary in Icelandic but the files aren't yet translated. 
Could someone in this game's community help me find a willing person or persons willing to translate the base game's files into Icelandic? 
I've posted on other forums specifically for learning Icelandic or Icelandic culture in general but my plea is often deleted as it is viewed as inappropriate for their forum /shrug

That is all! I look forward to supporting a beautiful culture and language. Hell if this isn't done soon maybe I'll be the one doing the translations :P


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