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Per-Cell Spawn Rate Control


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Creating methods for granular spawn controls for modder use, as well as for dedicated server and sandbox config tie-in, would be really useful for customizing how dense the zombie population is at certain places. Ex. the Crossroads Mall modded map is really packed with zombies when it spawns because they are placed manually on it (if I understand correctly), but once it's cleared out that's that. It's literally empty forever. It'd be nice if we could turn up the spawn rate in those cells to make it always likely to be jammed with zombies. For that matter, it would be nice if the spawn rate of loot or the rarity of loot could be configured in this way too. If that were the case, the mall could be made with a higher spawn rate out of the gate for zombies and for loot, so it would feel more worthwhile to fight through said zombies. Could do the same to other locations for a more custom sandbox or dedicated server experience. Maybe you want military bases crawling with zombies? Maybe you want to remove zombie spawns from an area or turn them down? Maybe you want to make it so that military base loot doesn't respawn as fast as residential? All this would be possible with per-cell spawn rate controls.


While I'm on this note, it would also be nice if the rarity of each item (including modded) were configurable, with whitelist and blacklist of containers or zombie types it can spawn in for similar reasons.

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