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[EU] Final Days | Hardcore experience | 6 Month's later | PVP/PVE | Testing


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we are happy to announce we are testing out a PZ server for experienced players.


LINK TO THE DISCORD SERVER ---> https://discord.gg/7jmvCq66Cf


We are using a Six month's later, insane population, extremely rare loot configuration with additional hardcore settings to make the survival experience even harder. To name a few, there is no safe-house system, and no in-game maps, and immediate infection. Better if you can join with a friend!




- Server title: FinalDays

- IP:

- Port: 27450


The server is still being tested. We are open for feedback, so join our discord if you want to propose a change in the server or new mods. We hope to officially launch the server in the coming weeks.


The game is almost vanilla. We've added mods to add more vehicles, weapons, and more to make the experience more immersive.


Hope you enjoy!

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