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Can't pick up Large Metal Shelves - why?

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in the neighbour house I found a Large Metal Shelves in a garage. I emptied it and after that I wanted to pick it up to take it with me into my base, but it does not work. Anyway I can not put it. I don't understand why? Is there a known problem with it?


I play with a XBox 360 controller. I successfully managed it to pick up a cardboard box and took it into my base - no problems regarding this point.


Thanks for help in advance.

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I found it out.

Picking empty Metal Shelves up leads to 3 'metal boards' on the ground that I needed to put in my inventory, manually. To do that I had to click on 'cancel pick up' first.

After putting the 3 'metal boards'  in my inventory, weight was 60, I was heavily overloaded. I went back to my base and clicked on 'place' (I play in German language so I hope the translations of the German words into English are correct). Now it was possible to build up the Large Metal Shelves in my house.

Oh my god, it was very complicated.

I've always failed at 'cancel pick up', because I thought if I cancel the pick up I could not finish the process.


Thx, Axezombie, for your help. To anwer your question: Yes, I had a hammer and a screwdriver in my inventory.


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