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Cars safe when inside safehouse


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4 hours ago, Pskov said:

You could always remove the battery and take it with you =)

not enough, it is easy to find a car battery, what I recommend is to remove tires, suspensions, driver seat... but you need the skills for it AND they could still remove your engine parts so it sucks... 

What you can do is putting removable fences all around your vehicle (movable partition from desks) and since other players can't move them they can't access your car, they can't climb them either because the game won't let them since the car is blocking the way. You could do it with tables, crates etc too but I guess they break those. It all depends on the server settings.


Anyway, as Deimos96 said vehicles in safehouses should be untouchable by disabling the radial menu in safehouses as they disabled right click

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I really like this and I hope something like this could be considered. This is a common griefing technique on servers; especially now that they get larger it's harder to know everyone around you. Safehouses already protect items placed on the ground around the building, it would be nice if it could protect vehicles in that same radius.

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