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Base system for public servers


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So, I was thinking of a way to make bases something viable to do in public servers. Since there is still no balance between "time required to build the base" vs "time required to assault the base". But I also don't think that's the purpose of the game, I don't think the game needs such a system, after all, it doesn't set out to be a Rust or DayZ.


I thought of two possible systems, both would need a group system, being able to add or remove players from groups.
1 - The most basic and simple. Makes all party member buildings indestructible as long as no party member is online. Or at least all buildings that are not on top of streets and transport routes.
2 - As soon as the last player in a group goes offline, all buildings in that group disappear, but other players could not build in the same place where there are "invisible buildings".


I think the first system is more viable, but the server would need a very active moderation team to prevent abuse from being committed by this system. So it might be even better to limit each group to one construction zone. It will force him to build only within that zone and not bloc all the houses in a city. Maybe even allowing the group to have 2 zones, a wider rural and a not so wide urban. Or allowing this to be largely configured by the server itself.


[EDIT] Even with the restrictions, the first system could still be abused, with a group avoiding having its base destroyed under any circumstances. For this, the easiest thing to think about would be a delay for indestructibility to start to take effect, or something more cohesive, like allowing structures that have already started to be destroyed while the group was online, to be destroyed until the end

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I thought of a way to abuse the first suggestion
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