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Hey, so I saw a number of other suggestions and future implemented additions the to game, and I thought about a few more potential traits and occupations to the game.

Sadly, I have never made it late game. I do sandbox with insane amount if zombies and no infection trying to survive as long as I can. Thus a lot of these are probably for earlier than later in game.

Anyway, onto the occupations

Sales pitcher.

"Used to trying to sell to customers, they learnt first-hand experience about convincing others about a certain thing"

- Affects NPC, possibly making them trust easier (Unsure how NPCs will be implemented, nor the affect of brooding traits on it etc)


"Building a career in electrician appliances, they know a thing or two about how to wire things together and the necessary safety hazards"

-Less chance of electrocution.

-Finds more wires/electrical crafting appliances.

(I saw the possible suggestions of welding, and electricians)


"Used to writing out information in note form for others to use and learn from, they can write down their knowledge for others to learn. Of course, not form is not all..."

-Can use pen+empty notepad to write a notepad about revelant known skills for others to get a small multipler from

(Thinking if a master, can write up to expert level in that skill. Also, it only gives makes it 1.5x xp bonus, rather than the 3, useful for multiplayer or NPCs if they can learn skills)


"Practising in the gym made them stronger, faster and deadlier with their fists and upper body strength"

-Unarmed combat is faster

-Deals more(?) unarmed damage.


"Used to attending injuries, they gained knowledge about medical needs for the injured"

-Can apply bandages better

-Makes 'medical bandages' rather than 'rag bandages'


"All that medical knowledge and university courses meant that they had a good career helping others"

-Can make mixtures (Berries, water, other items?) that slow down health drop rate (Keeping those NPCs alive when sick)

- Can aid in injuries healing faster.

- Can diagnose if someone is infected.


"Working with animals meant that they knew how to care for them and treat them. Now, it can mean acting how to appear friendly to nearby critters"

-Allows walking up to animals, rather than them being frightened away.


"Making food people enjoy. That was their way of life. Getting it just right, and above what others can do"

-Permeant 1.75x xp modifier for cooking

-Harder to burn food

-Cooked food has higher positive mood lets.


"Living life with just collecting what they could. Unable to carry the heavier items much with them, they stored the smaller items more"

- Objects 1 lb or less have their weight halved.

Sorry about the huge spam.

To be honest, I had a few ideas from the zombie survival guide, world war Z (book) and resident evil outbreak characters.

I didn't want to put them separately, so I thought I'd create this to put them together.

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