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new foraging system unavailable in challenge maps

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both challenge maps Studio and Kingsmouth don't have the correct foraging "biomes". there is no road biome anywhere and urban only appears when indoors, but forest and vegetation seem to show as normal.


  • 41.66
  • singleplayer
  • no mods
  • reproduction steps:
    1. start either challenge map Studio or Kingsmouth
    2. open the investigate area panel, the building you spawn in will show as urban (or trailer park in Studio)
    3. go outside and walk around near the house/trailer, foraging area will become "nothing here" when it should remain urban (or trailer park). all other buildings behave similar.
    4. go to the nearest road, foraging will still say "nothing here". all other roads on the map are the same.
    5. enter any forest and foraging will function as intended within that area


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I came to the forums to report a similar issue in Studio challenge map, and I can confirm this bug still exists in the current build (41.71) of the Studio challenge map. 


Only Forests and building interiors contain foraging biome definitions.  Roads, plazas, construction sites, and even the park doesn't contain any foraging biome definition!  It makes foraging this map super hard!

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