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Importing challenge settings for multiplayer sandbox playthroughs


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I read a lot of threads complaining about the inability to play challenges in multiplayer. In the meantime, I also saw most of challenge maps being proposed as mods by the community. But there is still one issue to achieving challenges with friends -> what about the settings ?


Few solutions :

- Find challenge's settings in the game folders and copy paste them in "Sandbox Presets".

- Start a challenge. Find and use a tool in game to consult the settings of your current game mode. Export/Copy/Register them to recreate them in multiplayer.


Issue : I've been unable to find challenge's presets in the game folders.

And I can't see my game's settings (be it in game, main menu or game folders). Moreover, I've been unable to find any software/tool/mod to help with this.


I'm mostly interested in The Studio settings atm but I'd gratefully take any hint at other challenge's settings for further use.


Could anybody help with these issues ? Either by providing me directly with the said settings, giving me the folder's whereabouts or enlightening me to any useful tool :D


Best regards,

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